• What Kind of Service Does a Generator Need?

    by Curtis Leddy | January 13, 2023 | Generator Service Generator Service

    Generators are large investments, and you want to make the most of that investment by keeping them running efficiently and with minimal issues. When it comes to backup generators maintenance is even more important as you may need them in emergency situations and cannot afford to have issues with them when there is no other source of power.

    Generators, like other complicated machinery, need service, maintenance, and repairs. They also need to be run regularly, in order to prevent problems from disuse. As an authorized dealer for our generators, we are experts on the service that they need. We also can service most other brands and models of generators.

    The Basics of Generator Maintenance

    What do generators need in order to be well-maintained and keep providing consistent power for their whole life spans? There are several different maintenance tasks, all of which need to be performed on different schedules. Ideally, you’d work with experts who understand your generator and the specific maintenance needs laid out by the manufacturer to provide exactly what your specific equipment needs. Generally speaking, a generator needs this kind of maintenance:

    • Load bank testing: Load bank testing is applying a load to a generator to see how it performs under its rated capacity. This is an especially important test for generators that do not normally operate at all or to their maximum capacity. The performance can indicate what other maintenance tasks need to be performed.
    • Full inspections: Conducting full inspections is critical to ensure your generator is operating properly.
    • Oil and other liquids: Even if you have not used the generator, your oil and other fluids in it still have a shelf life and need to be replaced. Your manufacturer’s specifications will detail exactly when your oil needs to be changed. It is usually measured by hours of use, so keeping track of this is necessary. Other fluids that may need your attention in the generator include coolant.
    • Filter changes: Generators with filters need to have those filters changed regularly, often based on their use hours, or they will be inefficient and suffer other problems.

    Service and Support that We Offer

    You can work with the team at Leddy Power Systems Inc. in order to get your generator the regular maintenance it needs to stay in good condition. We have a fully equipped service shop and a mobile repair service which can deal with your repair needs. We also provide maintenance to:

    • Diesel, natural gas and propane generators
    • Industrial, off-highway diesel and gaseous engines
    • Transfer switches, switchgear, panel upgrades
    • Load bank testing for generators
    • Rental generators/temporary power solutions

    We offer planned maintenance programs that can handle all of the maintenance needs of your equipment. We also design, build and install emergency power systems as certified electric power generation service professionals.

    We offer in-shop and mobile repair services, planned maintenance agreements, genuine parts, and 24/7 emergency services to ensure your business operations are always running at full capacity.