• What are the Best Home Generators to Keep Your House Running?

    by Curtis Leddy | July 12, 2022 | Residential Generators Cummins QuietConnect™Series Emergency Power Generator

    Your home’s power is so critical to your safety & comfort that it is a wise idea to have a backup for when (not if) the power grid goes down. But once you have decided to get one, you might be overwhelmed by your options. Plenty of generators say they can be used for homes, but they aren’t exactly intuitive. What are the best home generators?

    The Cummins QuietConnect™ Series Emergency Power Generators. As an authorized dealer for these generators, we can tell you why they offer the best features for homeowners looking to protect themselves from power outages. Here is what you need to know.

    Why are Cummins QuietConnect™ Generators Right for Homeowners?

    There are several features to these generators that make them an ideal choice for homeowners, instead of just a smaller version of an industrial generator that doesn’t take into account a homeowner’s needs. Some of those features include:

    • Small and lightweight: You need generators that will fit in small spaces, not take up too much room in your home, and be simple to maneuver if you need to. Many of these generators are able to be carried around and others are small enough to be portable.
    • Quiet: You don’t want to disturb your neighbors or make such a loud noise with your generator that you yourself don’t want to turn it on. These generators have double insulation so that they are exceptionally quiet. That doesn’t sacrifice durability, as it has four-stroke overhead valve engines that are highly reliable.
    • Simple display: What’s going on with your generator? These generators have simple displays that cover the essential information you need to know, including power output, fuel level, remaining run time and lifetime runtime. You don’t need an engineering degree to understand how your generator is operating and for how long it will keep your home running.
    • Fuel efficiency: On a single tank of gasoline, at a 25% load factor, one of these generators can run from 10 to 18 hours. If you use propane instead, a 20-pound tank at a 25% load factor will deliver eight hours of continuous power.
    • Multiple outputs: The inverters have both AC and DC capabilities, including USB ports, and are covered to prevent dust problems.
    • Safe for electronics: These generators provide power with low total harmonic distortion, which, in simple terms, means they provide enough clean power for sensitive electronics like smartphones.
    • Simple to start: Starting these generators is seriously as simple as pushing a button, which means you don’t need to add to the stress of the situation when you need to turn it on.
    • Overload protection: You can easily test the circuit breakers which are easily accessible.

    Choose a Home Generator with Our Help

    When a bad storm or power failure knocks out your power, a generator system by Leddy Power Systems, Inc will keep you connected and worry-free. Contact us for yours today.