• Is a Residential Generator a Good Investment?

    by Curtis Leddy | May 26, 2022 | Residential Generator Residential Generator

    Fluctuating weather conditions and unpredictable situations often cause power outages, resulting in inconvenience. Today’s households rely a lot on electricity, and activities might come to a halt in case of severe power outages. Loss of heat, spoiled food, and interrupted work time are consequences of unexpected power interruptions.

    Residential generators often come in handy during such outages. While they might not restore full power, residential generators will power the appliances you can utilize during powerful storms.

    Why Should You Buy a Generator?

    Investing in a home generator can keep critical appliances like refrigerators running smoothly. Also, if you’re working from home, a backup generator will power your home office consistently. With a residential generator, homeowners can save money and irritation down the road. Here are a couple of reasons you should consider getting a residential generator.


    Unexpected power outages can stall your house activities, primarily when relying on powered appliances. However, when you invest in a home generator, you won’t notice any power outages.

    A residential generator will turn on automatically whenever you need it and cater to your house’s electricity needs. Whether you’re home or not, the generator will power up your house. Your backup generator ensures that your house has lights and heat during a disaster. Enjoy extra peace of mind with a generator knowing that a power loss won’t stall your home’s operations.

    Most standby generators also guarantee predictable performance. You could perform a test run and receive alerts if there are any issues. You’ll always know that the generator will be up to the task whenever needed.

    Cost-efficient Fueling

    Do you have a natural gas supply for your house? You won’t have to worry about fueling your generator. Besides, you don’t deal with the dangers of keeping fresh fuel around with a residential generator. It is also best to settle for a generator that runs on the fuel available in your area.


    Residential generators come with an automatic transfer switch that minimizes the risk of electric shocks and fires. Ensure that you store your generator in well-ventilated outdoor spaces.

    Backup generators maintain the regular performance of your sump pumps, preventing the risk of potential flooding issues during power outages. Your residential generator ensures that your home experiences minimal damage when wet weather knows out the power grid.

    Enhanced Resale Value

    A home generator increases the home’s value substantially. Most homebuyers won’t mind paying extra for pre-installed home generators. Many homeowners install backup generators as part of a remodeling or home improvement project. These installations will save on home repairs that would arise from frozen pipes or broken sump pumps.

    Undisrupted Entertainment Amid Power Disruptions

    An extended power disruption might mean a halt in your home’s entertainment. You might miss your favorite shows, have to endure cold showers, or fail to listen to your beloved artists. A standby generator maintains your power supply, ensuring that you keep your family entertained throughout blackouts. Besides, the automatic transition means that you won’t need to interrupt your activities.

    Future Security and Savings

    While installing a residential generator requires an investment, you can save a lot in the long run. Power outages will also stop the functioning of your refrigerators, sump pumps, and other appliances. You might end up with costly problems down the road. From basement flooding to bursting waste pipes or spoiled food, power outages will cause you significant discomfort. A residential generator will ease all these issues.

    Which Generators Should You Opt For?

    Settling for a generator that serves you best usually requires some research. It could be helpful to determine the electronic appliances you intend to use on your generator before making up your mind.

    Working with a certified electrician or certified sales professional can help ease your choice. These professionals will give exact estimates about your electrical usage, ensuring that you make an informed decision.

    Besides the size, you also need residential generators that avoid overheating. Air-cooled generators have fans that induce air to cool their engine. Alternatively, you could opt for liquid generators that use radiators to generate cooling.

    Work with Seasoned Generator Experts

    Backup residential generators are essential for people living in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or unpredictable adverse weather conditions. Investing in a generator means having a steady power supply regardless of prevailing circumstances.

    It is always helpful to be realistic and practical when deciding if a residential generator is a good investment. Whether you need help settling on an ideal generator size or require installation and maintenance services, Leddy Power Systems’ experts can help you. We are your best for dependable, customized electric power generation solutions for all your emergency power needs.

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