• Important Tips To Prepare Your Generator For Thunderstorms

    by Curtis Leddy | March 15, 2024 | Generator Service Thunderstorm

    When big storms are brewing and lightning starts lighting up the sky, the last thing you want is to end up in the dark. A good generator can be a lifesaver, keeping your lights on and your house warm and working through the storm. But just like you would make sure your windows are shut tight and everything is secure before the storm comes, your generator needs some care too to make sure it is ready to go. Whether you've been through lots of storms or this is all new to you, a few key tips on getting your generator ready for thunderstorms can make all the difference.

    How to Get Your Generator Storm-Ready

    • Fuel Up: Before a storm hits, make sure your generator has the right fuel ready to go. Whether it uses gas or diesel, ensure enough of it is stored safely. But it's not just about stocking up; you have to keep that fuel in good shape, too. Over time, fuel can go bad and mess with your generator's engine. Store all fuel in proper containers and keep them in a cool, dry spot away from your house to be safe.
    • Run a Test: Think of giving your generator a quick run now and then like taking it for a health check-up. This little bit of exercise is good for it. It helps keep everything inside running smoothly, so parts don't stick or break when you really need them. Running it also helps keep the fuel from getting stale, especially in the carburetor, and keeps the battery charged if it's got one. These test runs can spot problems early, so you're not stuck in a bind when you need power.
    • Keep It Dry: Mixing water and electricity is asking for trouble. To keep your generator safe, make sure it's covered and dry when you use it. Whether it's a special cover or just a canopy, make sure it's protected from rain or snow. Keeping it dry not only prevents scary electric shocks but also stops rust and keeps it in good working order for longer.
    • Know Your Generator’s Capacity: Your generator can only handle so much. Find out what it can power before you use it in an emergency. List the must-have things like your fridge, lights, or any medical gear, and see how much power they need. Compare that to what your generator can do. This way, you won't overload it.
    • Secure It: Make sure your generator is super secure, so it doesn’t tip over or get blown away when it gets windy. Use stuff like heavy-duty straps, chains, or even bolts to attach it to something solid. This matters a lot because if your generator moves around during a storm, it might get ruined or even cause some damage.
    • Get Surge Protectors: Adding surge protectors to your generator is like giving it armor against sudden spikes in electricity during storms, which lightning can cause. These spikes could wreck the electronics in your house. Surge protectors keep your gadgets and appliances safe from these surprise power jumps.
    • Have a Plan B: Even if you’ve done everything to prepare, there’s still a tiny chance your generator won’t start or might stop working right when you need it. That’s why it’s clever to have a backup plan. Think of other ways to manage without your generator. Maybe use battery-powered lights or find a way to charge your phone with a solar panel. Having another plan means you won’t be stuck without power if your generator has issues.

    Seek Help From A Professional Generator Company

    Getting an expert to look at your generator before storm season hits is super important. They can spot any problems that might stop it from working right when a big storm comes. This way, you know your generator will work safely and well, keeping the lights on and your house safe when the weather gets rough.

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