• 5 Disadvantages Associated with Standby Generators

    by Curtis Leddy | May 13, 2023 | Generators Standby Residential Generator

    Standby generators are used as a backup power source in case of an outage in both residential and commercial settings.

    In residential settings, standby generators provide backup power to homes during power outages. These generators are usually installed outside the home and connected to the electrical system. When the power goes out, the generator automatically turns on and supplies electricity to the home until power is restored.

    In commercial settings, standby generators are used to provide backup power to critical systems such as data centers, hospitals, and other essential services that cannot afford to lose power. Standby generators can also be used in construction sites, outdoor events, and other temporary settings that require a reliable power source.

    Overall, standby generators are essential for ensuring uninterrupted power supply in case of emergencies or planned outages, and they provide peace of mind to homeowners and business owners alike.

    These sound like amazing tools to utilize during a storm or natural disaster, and they are! But when something goes wrong, it can become frustrating when you can't have power. Let's look at 5 different ways a standby generator can fail to work when you need it most.

    Lack of Maintenance

    Like any mechanical device, standby generators require regular maintenance to operate properly. If the generator has not been serviced or maintained, it may not work when it is needed.

    Fuel Issues

    If the generator runs on fuel, such as propane or natural gas, it may fail to work if there are issues with the fuel supply. For example, if the fuel lines are clogged or the fuel tank is empty, the generator will not be able to start.

    Battery Issues

    Standby generators use batteries to start and run. If the battery is dead or has not been properly maintained, the generator may fail to start.

    Electrical Problems

    Electrical issues, such as a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, can prevent the generator from starting or running properly.

    Improper Installation

    Standby generators require professional installation to ensure they are properly connected to the electrical system and fuel supply. If the generator was not installed correctly, it may not work as intended. Overall, it is important to have a professional install and maintain a standby generator to ensure it will work when needed.

    How to Avoid Being Disadvantaged by Your Standby Generator

    Installing a residential generator is a significant investment, and it is essential to ensure that it is installed and maintained correctly. While it may be tempting to install the generator on your own or hire a cheaper, unlicensed technician, it is crucial to use a professional when installing and maintaining a residential generator.

    • Professionals will Ensure Safety: A residential generator is a complex electrical device that can be dangerous if installed or maintained incorrectly. If installed improperly, it can result in electrical fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other safety hazards. Professional technicians are trained to install generators safely and effectively, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.
    • Reassurance with a Warranty: Many manufacturers require that generators be installed by a licensed professional to maintain the warranty. If you attempt to install the generator yourself or hire an unlicensed technician, you may void the manufacturer's warranty, which can result in costly repairs down the line.
    • Legal Compliance: Residential generators must comply with local, state, and federal regulations. A licensed professional is familiar with these regulations and can ensure that the generator is installed correctly, reducing the risk of non-compliance fines.
    • Experience and Expertise: Professional technicians have the training and experience necessary to install and maintain generators correctly. They understand the complex electrical systems involved in generator installation, as well as the specific requirements for different generator models.
    • Ongoing Maintenance: Regular maintenance is critical to ensuring that your residential generator will function correctly when you need it most. A professional technician can provide regular maintenance, including oil changes, battery replacements, and other necessary services, to keep your generator in optimal condition.

    Leddy Power Systems

    It is essential to use our licensed professionals at Leddy Power Systems when choosing, installing, and maintaining your standby generator. The safety, warranty, compliance, experience, and expertise that a professional provides are invaluable and can save you time, money, and potentially even your life. If you live in LA County, Santa Barbara County, or Ventura County, give us a call today!