Power Outage Preparedness

There comes a time each year in Southern California when the pristine weather is momentarily taken over by the imminent threat of wildfires. During this time, California utility companies make a decision on whether or not to turn off power in specific areas or zip codes, depending on the threat level and if wildfires are active in the area. High winds, very low humidity, dry vegetation, fire threats to the electric infrastructure and on-the-ground observations about severe weather and safety conditions are all possible conditions leading to a potential power shutoff by your utility company. Recent events have proven that many area residential and commercial customers have lost power for days at a time. Planning and financially investing for moments like this may sound like above and beyond for some, but it is crucial to be prepared for life's unexpected moments. We encourage all customers to prepare early!

Emergency Standby Power Generator Installations

Are you without emergency standby power for your facility, small business or home? Leddy Power offers expertise and top quality installations of emergency standby generators. As a licensed contractor and power generation specialist we can assist you thru the entire process from design to complete installation and permitting as one single, reliable source. 

Planned Maintenance for Emergency Power Generators

Like a car or truck, an emergency standby generator is powered by an internal combustion engine that can run nonstop for days at a time, so they require a considerable amount of maintenance. Emergency standby generator systems are not an "install and ignore" system. The most common reason for an emergency generator failure is lack of maintenance needs such as low engine fluids and bad batteries. Generally, the bigger the unit and system, the more servicing and maintenance is required. After continuous use or in periodic intervals a generator needs to be inspected and properly serviced by a certified technician. Here at Leddy Power, our service technicians are required to maintain up-to-date certifications and training and are equipped with software and tooling to properly service this specialized equipment. Our services include, scanning engines for active trouble codes, fluids and filter changes, battery replacements, minor and major repair engine and generator repairs, fueling service, transfer switch repairs, fluid analysis, NFPA 110 inspections and load bank testing.

24/7 Disaster Response

During a natural disaster or unforeseen event, having no power can be a matter of life or death. In certain circumstances such as generator failure or operational commitments the need for temporary electrical power will be required. Leddy Power offers 24/7 emergency response services to include mobile power generators, delivery, connections by licensed electricians and followup maintenance services providing reliable temporary power to support your critical power needs. We also provide pre-planning services in preparation for such an event.

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