Fluid Analysis Testing

The best approach to engine and generator maintenance service is to have a goal to minimize the potential for component problems before they occur. Leddy Power's fluid analysis testing is an effective maintenance tool to assist in identifying minor problems before they become major repairs. Fluid analysis testing provides a picture of both the fluid and the internal condition of a piece of machinery or system without disassembly. Simply, it allows us to analyze what's happening inside an engine, a radiator, or fuel system to see if problems are developing.

High Quality Fluid Testing

You can be confident you're testing with a service provider and laboratory that knows your equipment better than anyone. Leddy Power partners with an independent testing laboratory source. All testing laboratories are accredited providing the highest level of quality attainable backed by the most stringent accrediting body in the industry. This means that your fluid analysis test is supported by a documented quality system you can depend on to deliver superior testing and analytical oversight.

service tech doing a fluid analysis on an engine

Tracking Samples

It's very important that fluid samples are collected at regularly scheduled intervals and from the same sampling point each time. Although an equipment manufacturer's recommendations provide a good starting point for developing planned maintenance practices, sampling intervals can easily vary. Major considerations for determining sampling frequency are critical needs and operational demands of the machinery. Also, environmental factors are an important factor, such as excessive heat, dirty operating conditions, short trips with heavy loads and excessive idle times.

Fluids Tested

Leddy Power offers fluid analysis testing options during regularly scheduled services and part of it's comprehensive planned maintenance programs. We can provide fluid testing on a machine's diesel fuel, engine oil, and coolant. All tests provide advanced diagnostics, designed to evaluate lubricant condition, component wear, and identify contamination. A test report is provided by an independent laboratory for each sample submitted.

  • Fuel Testing: Fuel analysis can identify potential causes for fuel filter restrictions, excessive smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance, malfunctioning throttle position sensors, and sticking valves. Testing also confirms a diesel fuel's sulfur content, biodiesel content, and compliance with manufacturer specifications and standards for cleanliness that could affect equipment warranty requirements.
  • Oil Testing: Oil is the "lifeblood" of the engine. Routine testing and analysis can show metallic wear and contaminants in the oil. It can provide you analysis on how the condition of a particular lubricant affects performance and ultimately the machine's reliability.
  • Coolant Testing: Benefits include being a valuable maintenance tool to identify contaminants and preventing possible castrastrofic failures. Taking samples at regular intervals can detect and prevent imbalances between the water, glycol and various coolant additives.


Leddy Power is the complete source for reliable service throughout your machine's lifetime. To take advantage of Leddy Power's fluid analysis testing and planned maintenance services!

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