Bi-Fuel Generators

Fuel - The Critical Component

Declining power grid infrastructure and natural disasters lead to unpredictable power outages that can be devastating to life, property, and your business operations. Despite the perceived reliability of on-site diesel fuel, at times, the delivering of diesel refueling during such times may be delayed and/ or impossible based on unpredictable circumstances. Here at Leddy Power we provide real world power solutions for such problems. We offer the complete line of Blue Star Power Systems Bi-Fuel Generators. Blue Star Bi-Fuel generators start on diesel fuel and add natural gas as load is applied, transitioning to primarily running on natural gas. Blue Star's Bi-Fuel generators mitigate refueling issues by operating primarily on utility-supplied natural gas. The result is a reduction in on-site diesel fuel consumed and run times that are greatly extended compared to diesel-only solutions. In addition, Blue Star's Bi-Fuel generators are fully integrated solutions, not after-market conversions in the field. That means every component is specifically designed and engineered in the factory for superior performance and reliability.

World Class Fuel Efficiency

Natural gas costs less than diesel. Therefore, fuel costs are significantly reduced over the long term by the use of a reliable Bi-Fuel system. And since less on-site diesel fuel is required for long running times, installation, operational and maintenance costs are reduced

Code Compliant

Blue Star Power Systems Bi-Fuel generators can be configured to meet or exceed any local, state, or federal code requirements.

Superior Performance with Reduced Environmental Impact

Blue Star Bi Fuel Generators use the world-renowned VOLVO PENTA Industrial Engine line combined with a proven MARATHON Alternator and BLUE STAR DGC-2020 Controller system. Volvo Penta is the leader in providing cleaner burning, high performance industrial engines. By the utilization of the Volvo Penta Industrial Engine line as it's primary Prime Mover of the Bi-Fuel generator lineup, Blue Star Power Systems is in the forefront of technological and environmental development in the power energy industry.

Service and Support

Leddy Power Systems, Inc is the premiere distributor of Blue Star Power Systems Generators and Volvo Penta Industrial Engines for all of Southern California. Our talented sales and service staff can help you with product design and engineering, new equipment purchasing, and full after sales and service support for all of your power generation needs. Our goal is to provide our customers with dependable, customized power solutions and ensure reliable performance of their power systems when it matters the most.

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